About Us

Bliss Specialty Foods hand crafts fine quality treats from whole food ingredients.

We aim to tantalize your sense of taste, while accommodating your dietary lifestyle in a nourishing and healthy manner.

We are an independent food producer located in London Ontario Canada.

Treats made with whole food ingredients -almond flour and virgin organic coconut oil and free of refined sugars.

We do not use any dairy products in our foods, as well as no grains, gluten,  gums, trans fats, yeast, soy or corn.12045780_926779680728048_1740954157879962177_o



We are about more than just good taste!

Since the owner’s family must eat GF/CF, you can be assured that there is no cross contamination. Soon we would like to be GF certified, but for now we are growing organically in our local area.

Please check our page for a list of our current retailers.

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The Honey Almond Brunch Bar and The Coconut Macaroon are the two products we have been wholesaling. Watch for our Brunch Bite Baking Mix coming soon along with our Happy Trails Energy Bars!

We do not use the following in our products:

  • gluten
  • grains
  • dairy
  • corn
  • soy
  • yeast
  • GMOs
  • refined sugar
  • starches/fillers
  • Hydrogenated fats/ oils
  • gums (Xanthan and guar)
  • preservatives and artificial ingredients

Handmade in small batches and most ingredients (approx 95%) are certified organic.

The inability to be able to buy prepared food that doesn’t cause a medical reaction, was the seed that has grown into this business ‘Bliss Specialty Foods’.

All too often buying gluten free products means you are buying products that heavily use corn, fillers and refined carbs.

Just because it is ‘gluten free’, does not mean it is healthy to eat.

Refined sugar has always been ‘gluten free’, however you will not find it in our products.  Nor will you find any artificial ingredients, chemicals or added flavours and we assure we will do our utmost to keep GMOs out of our products! We at ‘Bliss’ do not support the use of GMOs and do not purchase genetically modified foods.

Note from the owner and founder Shari:

Bliss Specialty Foods was started up to provide treats that use the best possible ingredients. We are about more than just good taste.  My son has grown up with special dietary needs and we have found it very difficult to find ‘healthy’ food outside the home.

Although there are a few gluten free bakeries in town, most do not offer xanthum gum free products and grain free as well! Both of my children and I are sensitive to xanthum gum as well as guar gum.

BLISS was created out of a desire to bring healthier treats to people. After a twenty year career in service management, it was time to start up a venture that I had control over the ingredients in my products.

Gluten free does not mean it is ‘healthy’ food necessarily, so we strive to choose only the best ingredients and will share information on healthy eating often. My children and I also live dairy free and have for a couple of decades for the most part. Many of our recipes are SCD (Specific Carb Diet) friendly as we aim to keep the carb content low when possible.

Since coconut oil has helped my son so much, we found ways to use it several times throughout the day, and so started to cook with it at home a few years ago. Now we think it is one of the best oils to cook with and we are passionate about our products.

I hope you enjoy eating our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.

May they nourish and bring vitality.

Be Well

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Shari Blanchard



4 responses

  1. Hello Shari
    I represent Prosperity Foods, an importer/distributor of raw natural ingredients, delivering to the London region each Thursday. We also have a short Organic List. We are currently working on a New Catalogue and I’d like the opportunity to send to you or drop by anytime. We do not charge for delivery, we have minimum orders.
    Please call me anytime 519-998-9250
    Have a great day, Karen


  2. Hi Shari, I did a taste test at Quater Master in London just before Xmas and love the honey almond brunch bar. I have some diet restrictions and was wondering if you know how many g of sugar and sat fat is in each one?
    Thanks in advance, Terry


    • Hi Terry, Thanks for you inquiry. Happy to hear you have tried the Brunch Bar and love it! There is 8g of sugar in each and 5g of saturated fats (due to using all coconut oil). ALso there is 2g of fiber, and 3g of protein as well. We do have nutrition facts on the packages of 2 and 4 and the info is almost exactly the same for the rotating feature flavours in single packages. Right now we are featuring Tulsi Tea flavoured with organic Tulsi (Holy Basil) put right into the dough!


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