A Child Has a Right to Know

Although my children are all grown up now, Hallowe’en has long been a favourite time of the year around our home.

Sometime during the last twenty years, going all out with the decorations became a tradition.  We used to try to out do ourselves every year, adding more Jack-O-Lanterns,  more lights and even a smoke machine at one point!  There was no concern that the candy we were giving out to the children might be genetically modified.  Being mindful of the sugar overload after Halloween was a concern, yet the portion sizes of the brand name candies and chocolate have been shrinking at least.

Fudge Nibs! Raw and delicious!

This year it was cold and rainy so only a few dozen children came by. Our neighbourhood is full of young children, so if the weather is fair, we can get upwards of a hundred!  It’s such a fun time for the children, especially if one keeps the ‘scare’  factor down.

One little boy this year, dressed up as a Super Hero, was afraid to come up the steps for fear there would be something  jump out at him.   We assured him nothing was scary here!  Even our candy isn’t ‘scary’.

GMO filled candy is scary to me and the fact that it is common place to eat this stuff is even more horrifying!

The thoughts of buying and handing out  GMO’d, corn-syrup- filled candy to the children made me cringe.  Since we started up this new business this past year,  and are now in production of our own recipes from healthier ingredients, we gave out Fudge Nibs  for Halloween!  I am happy to declare that, “No GMOs were handed out from our home, aka, the  ‘House of  BLISS’!

A special box of treats.

Handmade chocolate with Maple Sugar flakes

A plate of Fudge Nibs.






Possibly next year we will have these Fudge Nibs packaged for others to give out on Halloween as well. We truly need more choices to give our children.

Treats do not have to be filled with toxic ingredients. Choose what’s best for you children’s health. they deserve the very best.






Halloween Fun Facts

  • Last year Americans bought 600 millions pounds of Halloween candy.
  • In 2011 people living in Colorado did more Google searches for gluten free candy, than they did for sugar free.

“What are we giving to our children?”

Some non GMO options for candy.

Join the walk , A Child’s Right To Know Walk on Sat November 3, 2012 in Toronto.

At the St Lawrence Market at 10AM.

Hear 13 year old Rachel speak about GMOs in the following video.  “Afterall we are not lab rats”, as she says.



Check the fun video on a serious topic – a song about GMOs.


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