More About Our Products

At Bliss we take seriously what goes in our food!

Allergy-friendly treats, that taste great! We hand craft two products, in two flavours each: The Honey Almond Brunch Bar and The Coconut Macaroon. Watch for our features, as we rotate an extra flavour often made with local ingredient.

You will not find any of the traditional ‘gluten free’ filler ingredients in our products, we use all natural, whole food ingredients.

We do NOT use grains, starches, gums or fillers, but follow a more Specific Carb diet approach. To sweeten we use honey and coconut nectar. Except for the use of honey our products are considered Vegan.

Watch for featured rotating seasonal flavours made with local ingredients!

Sustainability is of paramount importance to us here at BLISS so each of our ingredients is chosen with care. It is our mission to provide food products that are made from the ‘cleanest ‘ ingredients available.

We support fair and direct trade companies.

Most of our ingredients are certified organic at this time and we will continue to search out the best sources ongoing.

We believe businesses need to be transparent with their customers so you will find information shared from us about why we do NOT use xanthum gums, yeast, dairy, soy, refined sugars, GMOs, corn and a few other items.

Our products are nutrient dense since we use whole food ingredients.

No compromising is our motto.

We Take Extra Steps

In order to make the seeds easier to digest, we soak the sunflower and pumpkin seeds in distilled water for a few hours, then slow roast them in the oven to dry. Only then do we put them into our Honey Almond Brunch Bar!

We do not use any grains in our products, instead we use almond flour as the base.

No Refined Sugars

Raw coconut nectar is used to make the Coconut Macaroons, and The Honey Almond Brunch Bar is made with local unpasteurized honey.

We are planning to experiment a little with whole leaf Stevia in the future possibly as well as launch an energy type snack bar sometime soon, that will be nut free! We started our selling a dehydrated energy, nut free, grain free bar in May 2012 at a seasonal market and it was well received. There were several products we tested out by selling through the markets and we hope to launch a couple of more now that we have been wholesaling our first two products for a period of time.

Gluten Free Certification

We do not use any gluten in our products- we are not certified gluten free as yet but hope to be in the near future.

We do strongly advocate for zero gluten, and think the 10ppm level for gluten free declaration in Canada is still too high.

“Gluten free’  really ‘should’ mean NO gluten, not 10 or 20 ppm.

Since the family behind BLISS is amoungst the most sensitive group of people needing to eat not only gluten free but also dairy free, corn free, and low glutamate, these products have been put through rigorous testing in a real life environment. One fingerprint of wheat flour is enough to trigger a reaction that is multi-system and lasts for days or even weeks. We call it being ‘glutenized’ and for those who need to eat gluten free for medical reasons, this is a serious matter. The owner of Bliss knows first hand what it is like to live a ‘gluten free’ life herself, and has raised two children, one having severe health problems. This turned into a life of not only a gf/cf diet, but also one free of corn, soy, grains, artificial ingredients, free glutamates (MSG), sugar and often nightshades and more.

Be assured that when you buy our products the ingredients have been chosen after trial and error of years of living through health issues while searching for the purest ingredients.Coconut Oil is Rich in nutrients

Organic Coconut oil is the only oil we use in our products. To call coconut oil, “extra virgin” does not mean anything with this oil, however most manufacturers of coconut oil still put it on their labels.

Please inquire for any further dietary information.

For more information on our products please see our MENU page.

For a current listing of where you can find out products.


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